Monday, March 3, 2008

A week in Michigan

Well I just got back from Michigan. I got a call that my Grandpa fell and broke his hip and was having major surgery. As I was looking at airfare I got a call from my dad saying my Grandma Benkert was dying. For those that don’t know that is two separate families. So I headed north on Monday, to my luck there was a big blizzard in Chicago and my plane was cancelled. I rescheduled for morning and it cancelled. The sad part was that I only needed to get to South Bend. I could have hopped on the South Shore but I couldn’t get my luggage. On top of that I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt because I figured I would get dressed in South Bend. Well I made it to South Bend at 1:30 and Todd picked me up. I really was expecting at this point to not see my luggage. In reality I had three schedule changes and figured I was going to be up the creek. When the baggage starting coming out.... no baggage. Twenty minutes later the carousel stops and I still have no luggage. I went to the United desk and ten minutes later they walked out with my luggage and more importantly WARM CLOTHES.

Well we headed to K-zoo to see Grandpa because Grandma had passed away at 1:00 so it was too late to see her. Grandpa was OK but was really hurting. Just so you know my Grandpa has a HIGH tolerance for pain. When he said it hurts.... IT HURTS. Well he was hurting. The next day we went to K-zoo again visited grandpa and then spent some time looking around at the area churches.

Thursday we go up to the Benkerts in Nunica, Michigan. At first I was really not looking forward to this. I have not seen the majority of that side of the family in eight years and could have gone another eight as far as I was concerned. Needless to say I had a great time. My family as a whole has dried up. My cousin Kenny has been dry for four years and the rest are doing great also. I finally met wives and children that I have never met. It’s not that I didn’t like my family it was that I had zero relationship with a lot of them. Now I wish we were closer to home so that we could be there for things like graduations, pumpkin parties and the such. I also would like to be with in range of last minute emergencies. At this point I really don’t know what or where God has planned for us. Part of me wants to dig into ministry right here in Orlando and be part of the next great revival. The other part of me wants to head north.

So we are still wandering and wondering. I know that God will make things clear for us. We are just learning to be patient in Him. We have been taking a class at church called Gripped by God led by a lady named Leah. We have really gotten a lot out of it and realize that God prepares you for great things in the wilderness. I really think our time is coming soon but for now we continue to stay in God's Council and wait.

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