Sunday, February 10, 2008

A fast fast

I have spent the last month preparing for a long fast (40 days) I started Feb 7. I figured with family being down on vacation and Dana's birthday that the 7th would be perfect. Here’s the interesting part....
I started Thursday morning; needless to say I ended in two days. Interesting enough hunger was not my issue. I was actually surprised at the lack of hunger pain I encountered. What I did have a problem with, in regards to food, is the enjoyment of a great meal. The thought of not having flavor in my mouth and a great meal really bothered me. Why did I stop??? My headaches were so bad i couldn’t take it. Dizziness was a big issue also. I knew that I would encounter that the whole time on and off but I did not expect the severity.
Let me back up one week. I go to bed around 9 and go to work at 7. When the family came down we stayed at the WD Dolphin on Disney property and did all of Disney in two days. 6 AM till after Midnight. It felt like a Three day "teen lock-in". For just a second let’s back up a little farther. For years I have been 100 percent caffeine free. A few months ago I reintroduced caffeine in to my system having a little bit every morning. Back to last week... by Saturday afternoon I was so whipped that I downed a BIG can of Full Throttle. Yeah you’re getting the idea. Back to the fast.. needless to say I have been feeling bad about the whole fast situation. On the way to church today it hit me, I was going through caffeine withdrawal. Now for those who have never been through that, WOW it’s bad. When I did it the very first time you would swear I was a druggie. So here we go again. I am going to spend a week "withdrawing". And once I get that out of my system go for it all over again. Just for the record they say that every time you go though withdrawal it gets worse. Yeah.

On a serious note, I really want to fast in preparation for what God has planned for our family when it comes to ministry. I am refreshed, I am rejuvenated and I am ready to be used. The fast is for God to have his way with me and show me where he wants us to be. Please pray for me for strength and wisdom on this journey.

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